On November 5th, 2022. workshops for veterinary doctors entitled “How to avoid professional burnout – personal competence in the professional development of a veterinarian” was organised by COMVET PL in Warsaw, Poland.

The workshops were addressed to veterinary doctors and concerned the development of personal competences that have an impact on reducing the risk of professional burnout among veterinarians. The workshops were organized in the following thematic areas: assertive communication of a veterinary doctor and time management for a veterinary doctor.

Personal competences of veterinarians are becoming as important for the profession as strictly medical competences.

Personal skills have an impact not only on cooperation with the client, cooperation in the medical team, but also affect, among others: the organization of working time, the ability to combine professional and private life, emotional management skills, conflict resolution, building self and co-workers motivation.

During the workshop we talked and talked and practically practiced key personal competences that help to achieve balance in everyday life and in personal and professional development.

During the workshop, participants practiced in practice personal competences necessary in modern veterinary practice and strengthening the well-being of a veterinarian and building a balance in private and professional life, including skills: effective and assertive communication, the basics of managing emotions, setting goals, building motivation and time management.

Why is it so important? Veterinary doctors, as one of the medical professions, are at risk of professional burnout more often than representatives of other professions. It is said that prevention is better than cure. In the case of burnout that veterinarians are at risk of, this is especially true.

Preventing and dealing with professional burnout consists of personal competences, which can be called the pillars of self-care of a professional medic.

In order to effectively prevent burnout and improve your competences, it is worth improving your knowledge and skills in the following areas: advanced interpersonal communication, building an assertive attitude and communication, time management, stress management and teamwork.

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More info about the event: www.comvet.pl