How it has begun…

The international e-comvet project was based on the results and achievements of the international COMVET project “Developing communication competences among veterinary doctors”. It was an international strategic partnership project implemented by a partnership of: KIKO Educational Solutions from Poland, Synolic Ltd. from Greece and Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd from Cyprus.

Its name COMVET comes from the English words “com” – communication and “vet”- veterinary doctor . The project was created in response to the need for professionally active veterinarians to improve competences in the area of ​​communication with the client – animal owner. The project was co-financed by the European Union’s ERASMUS + Program.

The main goal of the project was to create a specialized training program together with a methodology addressed exclusively to veterinarians in the field of interpersonal communication with the client – the animal (patient) owner.

The recipients of the project have been practicing veterinary doctors. This is a very specialized group of professionals who, after completing medical studies, have to deal with various specific situations in their professional life. Increasingly, veterinarians face the problem of changing the attitude of their clients – animal carers, their needs and an increasingly demanding approach. This can be a barrier and stress at work. Communication with the client (animal owner) is a very specific type of contact. It includes the skills of personal communication, requires a certain level of empathy, but also the knowledge of how to conduct a conversation with the client so as to receive the necessary information to effectively diagnose the problem, communicate during the treatment of the animal-patient, as well as encourage the pet’s guardian to continue treatment and complete the entire medical process successfully for the patient.

In the project, we conducted a professional “International comparative analysis of veterinary education systems in the field of communication” with the patient-animal supervisor and “Comprehensive international comparative study of the needs of veterinarians in the field of communication with the animal supervisor” a. In addition, we conducted an international survey of the needs of veterinary clients – asking them about their needs in communication with a veterinary doctor.


Development of the main goal of the project – methodology and training. Communication of the veterinarian with the client-owner of the animal was preceded by a professional international comparative analysis of veterinary education systems in the field of communication with client- the animal carer and an “International comparative analysis of veterinary doctors needs in the field of communication with client”. The Project and its results have been highly scored by the ERASMUS+ Programme National Agency of EU.

On the basis of conducted under the above international project, research has shown that there is a strong need to develop specialized and professional courses for veterinarians in the field of advanced veterinary communication with both the client and also to provide professional tools to support communication, self-management in time, stress and in the team.

Hence the creation of a smaller project that responds to the expressed needs of this group of professionals.

You are invited to the e-comvet project.