We cordially invite you to read the European publication about the education of veterinary doctors in the area of interpersonal communication with the client. "International comparative analysis of the Medical Veterinary Doctors educational framework” contains data from selected European Union countries, developed in a comprehensive report.

You will find here interesting information and statistical data on veterinary doctors and veterinary students as well as the education system in the context of communication between the veterinarian and the client - the owner of the animal.

From year to year, the number of practicing veterinary doctors is increasing throughout Europe. At the same time, veterinary doctors in their daily professional practice have to face increasingly demanding clients - owners, careers of animals. Veterinarians often face the challenge of changing the attitude of their clients, their needs and the increasingly demanding approach... read more >>


Let us invite you to the “International comparative analysis of veterinary doctors educational needs in interpersonal communication with a client – animal owner ”.

The document presents the outcomes of a survey on the needs of veterinary doctors in terms of interpersonal communication with a client – animal/pet owner, conducted in selected European Union countries participating in the project: Poland, Greece and Cyprus.

The main goal of this survey was to broaden the knowledge on the educational needs of veterinary doctors in the field of interpersonal communication with owners of animal patients. We collected and analysed data on veterinary doctors’ communication patterns, professional challenges in communication, self-motivation drives in a professional environment, stress management and strategies to cope with difficulties in everyday practice and in building a relationship with the client.  read more >>>