The COMVET Project is an international project of the Strategic Partnership implemented by experienced institutions in the area of education and training: KIKO Educational Solutions (Project Leader), Synolic Ltd from Greece and Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd from Cyprus. The project is co-financed from the funds of the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union.

The KIKO Educational Solutions is the Polish educational company experienced in trainings and methodology design. During last 10 years we have debveloped advanced skills in the international and EU financed project management and monitoring as well as control and project’s outcomes dissemination on the big scale. KIKO Educational Solutions Sp.zo.o. has been established on the basis of experience of KIKO Business Solutions company, which was established in year 2008 and has been active on the Polish training and consultancy market for last 10 years.

In our work we use traditional management techniques as well as innovative methods of development  and realization of new, creative ideas and projects. We carry out consultancy and trainings for public institutions, organisations, universities, and companies/ enterprises. Our staff have over a dozen years in the preparation and implementation of national and international project, including financed from the EU funding. Our experts have many years of expertise in methodology of effective communication, psychology, cognitive process as well as training and coaching experience. Our mission is to deliver effective training and education services for adults and professionals with the usage of modern and innovative training and education tools. In our education and training activities we create and develop programmes and methodologies which are very effective and in the evaluation gain high scores in terms of ROI, effectiveness and target reaching.


Our experience is continuation of the experience of KIKO Business Solutions, which consist of  developing, designing,  and carrying out activities in the field of education and trainings. KIKO Educational Solutions has had knowledge in realization of trainings, education systems, coaching, development of innovative educational tools. Our staff are experience project implementation, of projects financed also from the EU funding as well as from the public, national budget.  We have also expertise and knowledge in the field of open trainings and training intended for narrow professional groups in the field of vocational trainings.

The organization staff is experienced in the realization of international innovative educational projects with experience in ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership Project with acronym COMDENT – “Development communication competences among medical  doctors with specialization in dentistry” which was led by KIKOBusiness Solutions (which is being continuated by KIKO Educational Solutions).

The project COMDENT was targeted on development of training program dedicated for dentists in the field of communication with patient, with special emphasis on patient with fear of medical intervention. The training was designed on the level 6, with elements of level 7, of European Qualification Framework.

In year 2016 Project COMDENT, managed by our company gained a title of good practice in ERASMUS+ Projects implementation and was widely disseminated and successfully implemented. In the project “learning outcomes approach” was used and outcome of the project – part of the training program was successfully used by Medical University in Athens as well as Medical University in Warsaw.

In year 2017, our organisation was honored with the prestigious EDU Inspirations 2017 Award granted by the National Agency of the ERASMUS + EU Program (in Poland the Foundation for the Development of the Education System) in the Professional Education category for the project “Developing communication competence among medical doctors with spcialisation in dentistry”. 


Synolic Ltd. specializes in human resource development and performance optimization. It has an extended experience with esteemed multinational companies in various countries with different cultures, in implementing successful coaching & training programs for building high performance.

Since 1994, Synolic®, has an extended experience with esteemed multinational companies and institutions in various countries with different cultures, in implementing successful coaching & training programs for building high performance at the workplace, by putting emphasis on the position role perception and clarity to promote the interests and goals of our clients’ business.

The Platform of specialized systems, tools and interventions

  • NLP – Contextualized in the field / industry
  • Communication for Professionals
  • TMS Profiling System – Margerison, McCann

The field of NLP is about a high level expertise on the structure and process of performance and deal with:

  • Depicting how people code the information inside their minds (the structure of a situation or thinking approach).
  • Re-patterning the path that each one of us uses to optimize performance in occupational field that aims for agility and resourcefulness.

Our team of Consultants and Trainers

Taking also into consideration:

  • The peculiarities of the focus
  • The peculiarities of the local market
  • The psychology of the people that operate in
  • The impact of the interplay of various changing forces in the industry

and to comply with our clients’ needs and high standards of performance, Synolic® – nlpingreece®, employs only senior consultants  and trainers who apart from a sound academic background, they have a solid, practical, business, hands on experience and can handle effectively ad hoc cases that might arise during the intervention.

Since 1994 and based on their seniority, our trainer’s amounts from 17,000 hours to 65,000 hours. Their profiles are available upon your request, we have trained approximately 5,000 people.

Synolic® has an extended experience with esteemed multinational companies in various countries with different cultures, in implementing successful coaching & training programs for building high performance at the workplace, by putting emphasis on the position role perception and clarity to promote the interests and goals of our clients’ business.

The span of our activities runs along the lines of the C.E.OS spectrum that includes practices that promote concerns for our business clients’ Customers, Employees and Other Stakeholders interests.

In the corporate and executive training, our approach is based on the Synolic® Model to Human Resource Development, which holds that the individual performance effectiveness is based not only on work related factors but also on personal related factors that account for much of human attitude and behavior.

Our team is constituted by senior consultants (with extended experience in various industries not only in Greece, but in the Balkans, USA, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Europe on issues of executive coaching και performance improvement (among others).

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. (, is a private business consulting and Research & Development firm. Established in 2003, CRC Ltd. with the development of CRC Hellas in 2004. Since 2013, is the Cyprus Partner of the multinational firm, Gi Group, one of the largest HR Consulting, Training and Staffing companies in the world, with global revenues of 1.6 bn.

Charakis Research & Consulting, offers a full range of training and HR consulting services on a tailor-made basis according to the specific needs of its clients.

Our main philosophy is innovation. We invest in research and development because we believe that competitiveness comes through innovation and diversity. Our approach focuses on helping our clients achieve significant and sustainable results. Our services are divided into three main categories:

  • HR Solutions
  • Research and Development
  • Training

HR Solutions:

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. offers high quality HR consulting services. With a market orientation approach targeting ongoing development and through the use of modern management tools, we provide our services to a wide range of business sectors. Our solutions are divided into the following main categories:

Coaching and Consulting Effective Teams

  • Role Leadership
  • Culture Reinforcement
  • Functionalization Alignment
  • HR Systems Strategies
  • Talent Management
  • Work-Life Balance

Building High Performance at the Workplace

  • Supporting business goals and challenges
  • Measuring and developing competencies to affect performance in a given area of responsibility
  • HR Audit
  • Performance Appraisal System Development
  • Work Load Analysis
  • Assessment Centers
  • Leading Change

Neuro Linguistic Programming Specialised Services

  • Accelerating professional performance
  • Achieving personal proficiency
  • Depicting potential, Re – sourcing strengths
  • Re -orientating for excellence and results
  • Persuasion Engineering
  • NLP Accredited programs

Research & Development:

We invest and actively take part in Research & Development projects and we have multiple links and cooperations with academic institutions, achieving thus state-of-the-art research activities. Among others, through extensive R&D, the company developed the NEMO System, the first European integrated content management tool specialized in promoting digital information with location based services. Furthermore, CRC was the HR expert partner at the Research project NAFTOTHORAX dealing with the development of a system linking the Academia with the Maritime Sector and finding the training and development needs of the employees of the sector as to create the Cyprus Maritime Cluster. Moreover, it is worth mentioning our involvement at the  RATTAS project, dealing with Racism trends towards immigrants and other special groups of people.


Finally, the main area of involvement is the provision of coaching and training programs in multiple business areas. Particularly, CRC Ltd. is an accredited training organization by the Cyprus Human Development Authority and developed and organised more than 5,000 hours of training programs during the last years.  In 2007, the company launched specialized service lines based on the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Adult and Business training and in various business consulting aspects.

Through these specialized services, both businesses and individuals can improve or even change their approach in dealing with various situations in their personal and work environment. It can also increase the number of choices in the task of achieving personal or business goals and it can develop their communication skills and strengthen their ability to influence people in their daily interactions.

On a business level, NLP provides the tools and techniques that give the chance to companies and their executives to understand and collect all the appropriate information in order to meet the criteria and needs of their customers. It can recruit and creatively stimulate and inspire their people on how they can use their full potential. Finally, NLP provides tools for individuals engaged in various fields such as doctors, lawyers, journalists and all those who wish to develop their communication skills and flexibility.

Furthermore, since 2007, Charakis Research & Consulting, in cooperation with the Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding of the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture of the Athens Agriculture University developed specialised training programs for companies and individuals both in Cyprus and Greece, regarding the trends in animal feeding, food functionality and bio-security.