We were present at the XXVI International Congress of Veterinary Medicine of Small Animals PSLWMZ, which took place 23-25 th of November 2018 in Łódź, Poland.

In frame of international Project  “Developing communication competences among veterinary dotors” finaced from European Union  Erasmus+ Program we conducted a survey of veterinarians’ needs in the context of communication with the client – the owner of the pet.

The study of educational needs is an important element in the preparation of a professional and reliable educational and training process. As part of cooperation with the environment of veterinary surgeons and the development of a professional educational program addressed to this group of specialists, we conduct research into the educational needs of veterinary surgeons in Poland. The research is conducted in the framework of the international project “Developing communication competences among veterinary doctors” co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.

We would like to thank you – All those who visited us, supported us, filled out surveys, gave a good word, added motivation and confirmed that what we do is important and needed!


Thank you!