We are happy to work in the international partnership project of E-COMVET. Are you a little bit curious how our trainings, materials and courses are created?


We invite you to a short film movie from the E-COMVET project  team meeting in February 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting was hosted by KIKO Educational Solutions and it collected expert from various organisations and institutions: Synolic, Charakis Research and Consulting

What does such work of course preparation include? Knowledge, many years of experience in teaching adults and professionals is key factors. International cooperation and accumulation of knowledge as well as the involvement of experts are important to us. But we also have a lot of innovation, respect and listening to our recipients, advanced information technologies. And we just like what we do.

All this in order to enable you – dear our participants and trainees – to provide the best and most modern contemporary solutions in the field of advanced communication, self-management. So that you can work professionally, without stress and with joy and build relationships with your clients and patients. We will be informing you about the project stages and activities, therefore stay tuned.