Why it is important and necessary to perform well prepared educational needs study? Find out how it can be used for professional veterinary education in the communication with client.

Why it is necessary to perform well prepared educational needs study? Because it gives in-depth information which allows for the preparation of the training that answers to the needs, problems, challenges and expectations of a target , educational group.

We performed study on educational needs and we asked specialised questions to veterinary doctors in order to achieve wider  picture of the veterinary doctor’s  needs and also challenges they have to cope with, in their everyday practise.

So it is crucial to base professional training, especially dedicated for medical specialists, such as veterinary doctors, on the professional analysis of veterinary doctors’ educational needs.  

In the project we carried out in-depth study on the educational needs of veterinary doctors. Based on the research outcomes we are preparing the final training on communication between veterinary doctors and client – owner of an animal.

We are designing wide range of exercises and professional knowledge that will be allow for enhancing advance professional communication competences in the field of: knowledge, skills and attitude. As you can see we are working in international team, so the training program will be on the very European standard and educational level.

More about the training details, possibilities for subscribing for training will appear very soon, so please stay tuned.

Thank you Synolic for hosting our International Experts Meeting of the COMVET Project in your office in Athens.